The Zando-Zans are a race of bounty hunters, who often work for the Kodan, who refer to them as Extermination Emissaries. Centauri, on the other hand, refers to Zando-Zans as interstellar hit-beasts.


Zando-Zans are capable of taking the form of other beings. It is unclear as to whether this is a biological or a technological ability. Zando-Zans also seem to be able to control limbs to some extent even after they are severed from the body.

Attempted Assassination of Alex RoganEdit

A Zando-Zan was once sent to Earth to assassinate Alex Rogan. It sported a human disguise, which was burned away by the Starfighter game when he stood too close to it.

Nevertheless, the alien still attempted to complete its mission, but Centauri arrived in time to kill it and was severely wounded when the Zando-Zan fired at Centauri with a gun controlled by its severed arm.

A second Zando-Zan (Extermination Emissary Zeta-six one) attempted a more direct method. Rather than take a human disguise, this Zando-Zan strangled a policeman, then stole his cruiser. The Zando-Zan drove the stolen squad car to a campsite where Jack Blake and Maggie Gordon were staying, and simply opened fire on Alex. However, it shot the Beta simuloid by mistake. It attempted to inform the Kodan Armada that Alex had been replaced by a simuloid, but Beta crashed Jack Blake's truck into the Zando-Zan ship. The message was sent, but interrupted by Beta's heroic sacrifice. Lord Kril had received a sentence "The Last Starfighter..." before being cut off. The Ko-Dan captain wondered what the cause for interruption was, but an overconfident Xur finished the sentence by saying " dead! The last Starfighter is dead!"
Zando-Zan disguised as a human

Zando-Zan in human form.

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