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Planet of Origin



Star League (former), Kodan


Enduran (father)

Xur is a Rylan who wishes one day to rule over all Rylos as a tyrant.

Norman Snow acted out the role in The Last Starfighter.


Even at a young age, Xur did not approve of the Star League, considering it a refuge for, as he called them, weak species. He quickly became thirsty for power and created many cults to build up an army of followers. His groups were eventually discovered and stopped by his father, Enduran.

Xur later sought refuge with the Kodan. After many talks with the Kodan Emperor, the pair joined forces. The Kodan Emperor gave Xur command of the Kodan Armada. Xur was more than ready to wage war against the Star League, which included his home planet Rylos. He intended to become the first "Emperor of Rylos."

Xur is a confident leader, but that ultimately proves his undoing. He displayed contempt for Lord Kril, the captain of the flagship of the Kodan Armada, bluntly telling Kril that the Kodan Emperor gave him, not Kril, command of the ship, and that only he will give the order to fire.

The Kodan eventually mutinied against Xur, but he managed to escape the Kodan Command Ship in an Escape pod before it crashes into the Rylan moon, Galan.


  • The Last Starfighter did not reveal what had happened to Xur after he jettisoned his escape pod from the Kodan Command Ship. Though Enduran stated that he had survived, it was not ascertained whether he would go or had gone back to the Kodan.
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