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The Last Starfighter is a 1984 film by Jonathan Betuel, directed by Nick Castle, and with a musical score by Craig Safan. It is about a boy named Alex Rogan who grows up humbly in the Starlite Starbrite trailer court. When he would rather be spending time with his girlfriend Maggie, he is often compelled to help with maintenance at the trailer court for his mother who is the manager and also works at a diner in town. His only escape is playing the Starfighter arcade game at the general store. When Alex is about to break the record on the machine, the store manager Otis enthusiastically calls everyone in the trailer court to come watch. When he beats the game by destroying the Kodan Command Ship, there is a huge celebration. Later that night, when his mother gets home, she has to break the news to him that his student loan was denied and that he will have to go to City College instead. Alex angrily takes the letter from the bank and throws it at the Starlite Starbrite sign. Suddenly, a strange car appears with a man named Centauri who would change his life forever.

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The Last Starfighter Wiki contains all known information pertaining to the categories listed above as they are described or depicted in the film. For those interested in contributing, there is still plenty of information to add from the Alan Dean Foster novelization. However, please indicate clearly in the articles when information comes from the novel, as otherwise it will be assumed that the information comes directly from the film.

Also, there is some scattered buzz about a possible sequel, now confirmed in interviews with Jonathan Betuel, Craig Safan, and Catherine Mary Stewart. As further news becomes available, it will be posted here. If you are aware of breaking news on this subject, please leave a comment or post on the discussion page to inform us. The latest interview confirming the possibility of a sequel is to be found on Horror "Interview: Catherine Mary Stewart" where Stewart confirms that she, Lance Guest, and Nick Castle have met to discuss a possible sequel.