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Starfighter Command is a military installation on planet Rylos that commands the Star League Gunstar fleet.

Structure and features[]

Located on Rylos, Starfighter Command, is a military installation housing the Starfighters and the Gunstar spaceships, it includes maintenance facilities run by Rylan Engineers, and a pilot training center.

Starfighter Command was armed with automatic repulsor guns in the event of an assault on the base.

Equipped with sensitive air-traffic control, and tactical computer stations, the hangar played a pivotal role during the attempted invasion of Rylos by the Kodan Armada.

The installation was also equipped with what appeared to be maintenance droids, though it's unknown what tasks they performed.


Xur and the Kodan attack and destroy Starfighter Command with meteor guns leaving only one navigator, Grig, and the Gunstar One prototype. All of the starfighters were killed in the attack, except Alex Rogan, who was on Earth during the attack and hadn't yet officially accepted the position as starfighter. Also spared was Grig, who had been on base during the attack but was spared as he was working in a distant hangar that was not hit by the meteors. Grig became Alex's navigator when he officially accepted his role as Starfighter.