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This article discusses the Gunstar pilots and specialized Navigators. For general information, see Star League.

Starfighter is the universal term given to the gunners of the Gunstar vessel.


Starfighters are extremely versatile fighter pilots, and are well regarded for their extreme skill. Starfighters wear a white and beige-colored uniforms.

Starfighters are recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against the Kodan Armada. Only those who possess "the Gift" are able to become Starfighters.

Known Starfighters[]


The term "Starfighter" appears in many science fiction universes as a term in space combat. But in almost all cases (The Last Starfighter being an exception) the term describes the spaceflight vessel (one/two-manned warplane-like spaceships used for combat) itself, not the pilot.

Presumable the Starfighter/Gunstar forces don't represent all the Star League's military, they are just the "space force". It is likely the League's military consisted of an army of million ground troops beside them, to defend, liberate and hold planets.


  • At some point in the past, Starfighters were trained by a console device. The instruction program tested the pilots by simulating Gunstar characteristics in combat situations. This training tool pushed the potential pilot to their limits. When the potential pilot passed (by successfully destroying a Kodan Command Ship) the test was considered completed and passed. This form of testing was referred to in translation as the "Excalibur Test".