Beta during transformation

Beta during the transformation process to duplicate Alex Rogan's appearance.

Simuloids are a type of non-organic life form.

Overview and physiologyEdit

A Simuloid has the ability to alter his or her physical form and take on the appearances of another individual, in a kind of cellular metamorphosis. Simuloids are not allowed to be Starfighters.

As synthetic life forms, Simuloids are designed to take the form of any person as a courtesy replacment while an individual is away on buisness or otherwise unavailable. Sometimes, if necessary, the Simuloid will pretend actually to be that person, to prevent others from noticing the person's absence.

The Simuloid "Beta"Edit

Alex Rogan had just such a Simuloid, "Beta," take over for him to hide, from Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada, the fact that he was not on Earth and was beyond the reach of the Zando-Zan assassins ("hit-beasts," as Centauri called them) dispatched to kill him and thereby completely extinct the Rylos Starfighter Corps. Displaying a nobility and a concern for the welfare of the real Alex Rogan that might or might not have been present in other Simuloids(this question about them was never answered), Beta destroyed himself to see to it that neither Xur nor the Ko-Dan learned that Alex was both alive and NOT on Earth.