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Planet Rylos, is capital of the Star League, home of the Rylan species and to Starfighter Command. It has one moon named Galan, often called the "Green Moon of Galan".


It is attacked by Xur and the Kodan Armada with meteor guns and Starfighter Command is destroyed and all of the starfighters are killed, except for Alex who had chosen to return to Earth.


Rylos consists of two continents, one on the north and the other on the south side, divided by an equatorial ocean but connected through several land brigdes. The continents look barren and rocky, while the coastal regions are green and cloudy. From space a lot of artificial structures are visible on the surface.

It seems like Rylos is home to billions of Rylans and many members of other League species.

Culture & Technology[]

Rylos seems to have many automated systems to make life as simple and as comfortable as possible. It is a technologically advanced planet with moving walkways and many tall platforms for the landing and embarking of alien space craft. Alien visitors to Rylos are usually given automated translator devices which enable them to understand and speak the Rylan language.