Rylans are the alien race that originates from planet Rylos. Xur was born a Rylan but betrayed his own people and went in league with the Kodan Armada to conquer and enslave several worlds.


On average, Rylans are very similar to Humans. A bipedal humanoid species, they have two hands and two feet, each of which has five digits. Rylans have much larger skulls than Humans.


A founding member of the Star League, the Rylans of Rylos are a peaceful and enlightend society. On Rylos, hunger, war, disease, and poverty have been largely eliminated. The philosophy of the Rylans and the Star League itself revolves around compassion and courage. While war on Rylos has been largely eliminated, the Rylans are not total pacifists, as evidenced by their need for a defense force, which was seen by way of Star League.

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