Rylan bursar

The Rylan Bursar looks at Alex in shock when he sees that Centauri has recruited a human.

The Rylan bursar pays Centauri (and likely other recruiters) a hefty sum for recruiting starfighters. He is most likely called "Bula".


The Bursar is first seen counting out Centauri's reward. When he finds out that Alex was recruited without his knowledge or permission, he demands the money back.

It is later revealed that the Rylan bursar is a Xurian spy when he places a bomb on the computer that controls the Automatic Repulsor Guns, leaving the base vulnerable so that Xur's meteor guns can destroy it. After the destruction, the he reports back to the Kodan Armada that Alex escaped the destruction.


  • His name is presumably "Bula" since Centauri shouts this when he chases after him.