Meteor gun

Meteor gun firing meteor.

The meteor gun, a weapon the Kodan Armada often uses, is a space-borne projectile weapon, of colossal size, which actually fires meteors at its intended targets. Alan Dean Foster's paperback novelization of The Last Starfighter called it the "mass-driver cannon."


Once under Xur's command, the Kodan Armada used its meteor guns to attack the planet Rylos and destroy the Starfighter Command. The ship fired large masses of rock (the maximum limits of which were not revealed) at great velocities (which were not specified) over considerable astronomical distances(the limits of which were not revealed). To fire its meteor guns towards Rylos, the Kodan Armada bored a hole in the Frontier force shield grid.
Meteor gun shooting through the hole in the frontier

The Kodan meteor gun fires meteors toward Rylos through the hole they bored in the frontier.

Meteors headed toward Rylos

Meteors headed toward Rylos.