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Kodan Command Ship
Kodan Command Ship preparing to ram Gunstar One.png

Ship Data

Kodan Command Ship






Kodan Troops


Battleship / Carrier


Laser turrets, Meteor gun, Missiles, Kodan Deck Fighters

Kodan Command Ship crashing into the Rylan moon Galan.

The bridge of the Kodan Command Ship.

A Kodan Command Ship is a large warship of the Kodan Armada. One such under the command of Xur and later Lord Kril was used in the attempted invasion of Rylos.

Weapons & Technology[]

Kodan Command Ship's are immense vehicles that, appear to be several hundred meters long and broad in size while manned by hundreds of Kodan crewmen and passengers. A Kodan Command Ship contains a communication turret that helps organize the Kodan Armada's attack formation. The Command Ship, serves as a combination of aircraft carrier and warship. Capable of carrying dozens of Deck Fighters. Armed with missiles, defensive laser turrets, and a Meteor gun, a Kodan Command Ship is also designed for orbital bombardment of a planet. An large squadron of Deck Fighters is the typical complement of a Command Ship.


During a confrontation with a Command Ship, Alex Rogan and Grig destroyed the communication turret with Gunstar One before attacking the fleet. When the fleet was destroyed, the severely damaged Command Ship attempted to ram Gunstar One (which was disabled following the Death Blossom volley). Gunstar One narrowly escaped when Navigator Grig was able to reroute power at the last moment. The Kodan Command Ship in question was quickly caught in the moon's gravitational pull and crashed, totally destroying the Command Ship.

Shortly before the Command Ship was destroyed, Lord Kril mutinied against Xur and placed him in custody. Xur attacked the guards and left the Command Ship in an Escape pod before the ship crashed.