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The Kodan are an advanced and hostile alien race.


Xur teams up with the Kodans to conquer and enslave several worlds. Many of the Kodans are drones that have electronic voices and wear helmets at all times.

Relationship with other Species[]

The Kodans tend to conquer species rather than form peaceful alliances. Star Navigator Grig's entire family was enslaved by the Kodans.

The species that the Kodan seem to dislike most, appear to be the Rylans, a feud that goes back many centuries.

It is also known that the Kodans sometimes employ Zando-Zans as assassins.


The Kodans have evolved their soldiers so that they can be entirely integrated into their ship's computers. This ability means that they can access most computer systems instantly. The ability also allows them to work as one when a large group of fighters goes into battle.