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Mr. Rogan (husband){deceased}
Alex Rogan (elder son)
Louis Rogan (younger son)

Jane Rogan is the mother of Alex and Louis Rogan. Her husband is only seen when Alex is remembering him through a photograph, and it is assumed Alex's father died prior to the events of the film.


Jane works at a diner and is also the manager of the Starlite Starbrite trailer park. She is aided by Alex, who works as the park's maintenance man. Alex had recently graduated from high school and was looking to further his education in order to one day move away from the trailer park.

One night, Jane gave Alex a letter she had accidentally opened. She sadly remarked that Alex's student loan application with an unnamed bank had been declined as the loan officers felt his SAT scores were too low and Alex's high school transcript failed to impress them. She tried to console him by saying Alex could still afford to go to "City College with all his friends".

Much later in the film, she and the other trailer park residents were met by Alex in a Gunstar craft. She wondered how he acquired such a strange ship, and he explained that he had been to Rylos. It had been hard for her to believe, until Grig, who accompanied Alex, told her of his heroism in stopping Xur and that he saved many worlds, including his homeworld of Earth. Grig also says that Alex is the future of the Star League, as he will rebuild the fallen Starfighter force and become a flight instructor. Jane does not know what to make of all this, but believes Grig and knew Alex would do something remarkable, although she did not quite envision it akin to Grig's report. She gives her blessing for Alex to return to Rylos, who takes Maggie Gordon with him. Louis would love to join Alex, but his Gunstar does not have any more passenger seats. Louis remains with his mother, as she likely declares that he is too young for a place like Rylos. It is presumed that Maggie eventually becomes Jane's daughter-in-law.


Jane's husband and the father of Louis and Alex is not featured in the film, and is widely assumed that he died prior to events of the film. Prior to attacking the Kodan command ship, Alex looks at a photograph of his family with Maggie, where he focuses on Maggie, but especially on his father. This further suggests his father is dead and Alex posthumously wishes to do him proud. In the photograph, Mr. Rogan was played by Stephen King Baggot, who was the film's photography director.

With sadness, Jane Rogan gives her son Alex the loan rejection letter from the bank.