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Jack Blake is a schoolmate of Alex Rogan and Maggie Gordon.


Jack was a young man who liked to drive his friends around in his truck and party at the lake on weekends. Although Alex would spend time with him and his friends, Alex seemed somewhat put off by his abrasive personality and harsh teasing. Alex would often assert to Jack that he planned to get somewhere in life by going to college, and didn't plan to spend the rest of his life getting drunk every weekend.

Jack is from a more financially successful family, and he showed some signs of romantic interest in Alex's girlfriend Maggie, although he had a girlfriend of his own. Jack displays rather crude behavior to his own girlfriend, as opposed to Alex, who was chaste and respectful to Maggie. This later created problems, as Beta attempted to cover for Alex's absence on Rylos, he eavesdropped on Jack's seduction of his girl and copied his lines. Beta then learned the hard way that Jack Blake is not the ideal role model in courtship of Earth women. Beta commandeered Jack's truck to thwart a Zando-Zan from reporting to Lord Kril that Alex Rogan is not on Earth as believed, by crashing it into a Zando-Zan ship.

Jack is last seen at the Starlite Starbrite trailer park when the real Alex lands a Gunstar, along with his copilot Grig. He, along with the trailer park residents, is perplexed by Alex's story of being to Rylos and stopping the Kodan navy, but at least realizes Alex was not responsible for destroying his truck.