Gunstar One
Gunstar One.png

Ship Data







2 (one Navigator, one Gunner)


Space Fighter


three forward-firing laser-guns (two fuselage-mounted turrets, one ventral turret), two aft rearward-firing laser-gun turrets, Photon Bolts, Particle Beams, Death Blossom

Gunstar One is the designation given to a prototype Gunstar, a variant Gunstar developed by navigator Grig, which possesses greater range and firepower than a typical Gunstar.

Weapons & Technology

Gunstar One has greater range, more power, slight weapons modification, deflective plating, and is equipped with the experimental Death Blossom weapon.


The Gunstar One was developed by the Star League as the first in a new line of Gunstar. Navigator first class Grig often spent time in the hangar to work on the ship. When the Kodan launched a sneak attack on the Starfighter base, Gunstar One was protected from the bombardment due to not being in the hangar bay along with her sister ships.

Alex Rogan and Grig piloted Gunstar One in a solo battle against the Kodan Armada. Using a calculated strategy of hiding inside an asteroid and attacking the communication turret on the Kodan Command Ship after the fleet passes by, Gunstar One gains the advantage it needs to attack the fleet while it is in a state of confusion.


  • Despite all its modifications, Gunstar One looks, in almost every way, identical to any other Gunstar.
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