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Death Blossom.png

Grig's panel indicates when enemy ships are within Death Blossom range.

The "Death Blossom" is a protoype weapon system with which the new Gunstar, designated Gunstar One, is equipped.


The Death Blossom system had never been tested till Alex Rogan employed it when fighting the Kodan Armada.

Grig, who had installed the weapon and was also serving as Alex's navigator, had concerns that the weapon could overload the system and blow up the ship. The weapon functioned properly when Alex employed it but had a slight malfunction afterwards and drained the ships power. Grig was able to use life support power to jumpstart the reactor afterwards.

When so employed, the Death Blossom proved to deliver one massive volley of laser blasts at close range as the ship was propelled into a rapid spin in all directions.

Alex initiates Death Blossom and destroys the Kodan Deck Fighters.

The Death Blossom trigger was located on the right side of the gunner's chair.