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Centauri's true form.

Centauri is a wheeler-dealer alien that creates the arcade game Starfighter and markets it on Earth in search of an individual with the gift to be a starfighter. He wears a mask that covers his blue alien face and serves as a very convincing human disguise.

History[edit | edit source]

As fate would have it, an arcade machine that was intended for Las Vegas, somehow found its way to the Starlite Starbrite trailer park, where Alex Rogan became the record breaker.

Centauri visits Earth to find Alex and takes him to the planet Rylos in his Starcar. He leaves behind a simuloid beta unit (known simply as Beta), who takes the form of Alex Rogan and tries with limited success to act like Alex in his absence.

After first reaching Rylos, Alex refuses to stay and become a starfighter, but when Alex summons Centauri back to retreive Beta, Alex is attacked by a Zando-Zan. Centauri arrives in time to kill the Zando-Zan, but is shot and is gravely injured (revealing that he has dark blue blood). When they return to Rylos, Grig (who becomes Alex's navigator) belives Centauri to be dead.

However, after the battle to save Rylos, it is revealed that Centauri was merely dormant while his body repaired itself.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While it is never discussed, it's possible Centauri is a member of the Bluudewd race.
  • Centauri has the ability to put his body into a death like state to heal himself.
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