Planet of Origin




Beta during transformation

Beta during the transformation process to duplicate Alex Rogan's appearance.

Beta is a Simuloid, which is a synthetic lifeform that is designed to take the form of a person and pretend to actually be that person in order to stand in for the person in the person's absence. They are not allowed to become starfighters. When Beta shakes hands with Alex Rogan in the Starcar, Alex receives an electric shock and Beta receives the data he requires to simulate Alex's appearance and voice.

Beta is shot by a Zando-Zan because he believes he is the real Alex. Beta pursues the Zando-Zan in Jack Blake's truck and crashes it into his ship, sacrificing himself in the process, in order to prevent the Zando-Zan from reporting to Xur and the Kodan Armada that Alex was not really on Earth.

Beta repairing ear

Beta repairing his ear.


  • Test audiences enjoyed the comedy of the scenes with Beta so much, that more scenes featuring Beta where added for the final cut of the movie.