Kodan Armada

Kodan Armada preparing to engage Rylos.

The Battle of Rylos was a major battle in the Star League - Xurian Wars. It marked the end of the first conflict.


A large fleet consisting of the Kodan Command Ship, dozens of Deck Fighters, at least one Swarm Ship and maybe troop transports gathered outside the energy field protecting the Rylan star system. After a laserbeam from the Command Ship brought down the barrier the fleet headed directly to planet Rylos to attack, invade and conquer the world. At first they scouted the way fore safety, where the Kodan Swarm was destroyed by Alex Rogan hiding together with his navigator Grig on Gunstar One.

Xur and the Kodan Commanders thought everything was ready, so they set route for Rylos. A message from Earth send by the spy reached them: "The last starfighter is...", interpreted by Xur as "the last starfighter is dead".

But he wasn't. Alex Rogan destroyed all Kodan Deck Fighters in a spectacular attack, closing in from side hitting one after one. In the end he destroyed the rest of the fighters using the dreaded Death Blossom strike.

The Death Blossom consumed all energy abord, The Command Ship was still there, so Xur decided to ram Gunstar One to get rid of the last starfighter. In the last moment Grig managed to get energy back and they escaped, while the Command Ship came too near to Galan. It got caught in it's gravity field 'til the ship crashed on the moon.


After the battle Rylos Alex Rogan was celebrated as hero on the planet. He returned to Earth to bid farewell to his friends and family, to rebuild the starfighters. Xur managed to escape during the battle so that he still posed a threat to the Star League.

Trivia and QuestionsEdit

  • This was the first spacebattle in history of filmmaking created by computer generated effects. Which will be standard in movies just over a decade later was new in 1984, all film space/spaceship scenes before were made with physical models.
  • While the Kodan Armada seems to be large and magnificent at first, logically one may wonder how a single capital ship and dozens of one/two-man fighters can invade and conquer an entire planet. It is however possible that the attacking armada would have been used to destroy important planetside structures from space to enable landing of troopships carrying thousands of soldiers.