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Jane Rogan (mother), Louis Rogan (younger brother), Maggie Gordon (girlfriend)

Alex Rogan playing the Starfighter arcade machine.

Alexander "Alex" Rogan, the title character of The Last Starfighter, was a high school senior living in the Starlite Starbrite trailer park.

Lance Guest acted out the roles of both Alexander Rogan and his android surrogate, "Beta."


Alex would often spend much of his free time helping fix things around the trailer park for his mother, Jane Rogan, who is the manager. To escape the daily routine, Alex often went over to the local store to play on the Starfighter Game.

Alex dreamed of going to college, but he was unable to obtain the loan that he needed to do so. Fortunately, opportunity knocked when he broke the record on the Starfighter machine and is later visited by an alien named Centauri. Centauri takes him to the planet Rylos where he becomes a real Starfighter.

Alex has a girlfriend, Maggie. She carried a great deal for Alex but is concerned about the future of their relationship because his desire to go off to college. At first she's afraid to leave home, partially because of her grandmother. In the end however, she takes him up on his invitation to go with him back to Rylos.

Alex has a little brother named Louis Rogan.


  • Alex only ever mentions his father once in the film, when he shows Grig a photo of himself and the rest of his family standing together. As he only lives with his mother and Louis, it is likely Mr. Rogan passed away prior to the events of the film.
  • Alex mentions getting away from the trailer park, but he does not state how he intends to do so. In the film Jane gives him the bad news of being denied a scholarship and remarks "You can still go to City College with all your friends", to which Alex runs out of his home in frustration, looks at the rejection letter once more than disposes of it angrily. The film's novelization expands upon that scene, writing "He did not want to go to City College. He wanted to go to the university." Later, when Centauri introduces himself and says he has a prize for Alex getting the highest score ever on the Starfighter game, the book writes "Visions of enough money to pay for the university danced in Alex's head."